Seeing someone slowly lose interest in you is probably one of the worst things ever 

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sorry I haven’t been cool lately & blogging a lot, I’m just trying to figure out my life right now


30 Days of Sarah Paulson Day 7: Television appearance in 2014. Chelsea Lately on 2/25/14.


Never forget.


Never forget.

Marry, Fuck, Kill, send me THREE names.

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when someone reblogs ur selfie it’s like you just know. you know. you just know. they’re a real buddy pal. wanna share a smoothie or two. wanna go see a movie. friends. new friends.

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30 Days of Sarah Paulson

    ↳ 23 - Event Sarah attended in 2009.

Reception of 'Jessica Lange: 50 Photographs 1992-2008' at The Rose Gallery on July 18, 2009 in Santa Monica, California.


Sarah Paulson and Cherry Jones | "The American Plan" Broadway Opening


here we go again…..

basically a little while ago i created a list of helpful websites that i wanted to share and it got quite popular and a lot of people asked me to make another list with more!! your wish is my command!!! here is another list of more helpful websites!!! you can find part one HERE and i hope you enjoy this one as much as the first!!

help for school



tumblr/general internet help

mental health help/info

makeup, hair, fashion

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praying to the lord for Sarah to win what’s rightfully hers this year at the Emmys

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